Project Next Steps

Project Next Steps is a collaboration of Bright Fame with Dorcas, International Justice Mission and the Salvation Army.

Next Steps offers opportunities to get out of prostitution or avoid ending up in it. Next Steps offers a next step. A step in which a girl in Romania decides to get her diploma after all or talks to her parents about her bad boyfriend. A step in which a woman in the Netherlands decides to consider returning to her family in Romania. A step in which a woman decides to press charges.

Next Steps works together across national borders. Different areas of expertise are needed to stop human trafficking. Next Steps offers prevention in the country of origin, legal support, care for victims, assistance in returning and building a new life of hope, freedom and human dignity.

Next Steps programme:

  • Providing an exit programme for men, women and trans people in Romania and the Netherlands.
  • Providing a safety net for (potential) victims of forced prostitution in Oradea and Bucharest (Romania).
  • Helping victims with legal support in prosecuting perpetrators of trafficking. Countering criminal networks.
  • Offering future prospects with a sewing workshop in Oradea.
  • Offering preventive knowledge and information so that people can make considered choices.
  • Working with people who may or may not have fallen into prostitution in Romania and have started working in Bucharest and are considering going to the Netherlands.
  • Providing a network for a hopeful future.

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You can listen to two testimonies of women who got out in Romania at:

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