About us

Bright Fame is an organization that is committed to the welfare of (former) prostitutes who work in the Red Light district of Amsterdam. Our team consists of inspired and enthusiastic men and women. We want to meet prostitutes and build a relationship. Another term for this is ‘attendance approach’. This means that we want to be there for the other by building a relationship of trust so that the other feels and is seen and heard. As soon as there is a sense of equality, a movement in the right direction can arise.

We do this work with the belief that every person is valuable and that every person is made by God to be free. In prostitution we see that a lot of work is not voluntary, but is forced by circumstances, under coercion or exploitation. We believe that God wants to set everyone free and that everyone has a destiny. We think it is important to work shoulder to shoulder and that is why we have a close cooperation with other organizations.

What is our vision:
Our vision is to help women and men to come out of prostitution. Bright Fame wants to discover with them where their passions, dreams and talents lie. We want to bring them to their destination so that they come to the place that has God intended for them. We do this together, shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart!

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