Bright Fame Businessclub: WILL YOU THINK WITH US?

Bright Fame has had a business club for some time: Bright Fame Businessclub (BBC).

The BBC consists of Christian entrepreneurs from all over the Netherlands. Nice to be able to put your company in the picture and to network with each other. Twice a year, we organise a networking meeting with an inspiring speaker.

Why the Bright Fame Businessclub (BBC)?

Bright Fame depends entirely on donations and gifts.We need a steady base to help women/men get out.Through (monthly) donations, we can help women, men and transgender people make their dreams come true and thus help them out of prostitution.In addition, we enjoy working with entrepreneurs for specific knowledge and thinking that is goal-oriented.Would you also like to become such an involved partner or entrepreneur? We have listed the benefits for you below:

  • Entrepreneur network meetings where you meet other engaged partners and entrepreneurs;
  • The opportunity to think along with the organisation;
  • A nice interpretation of corporate social responsibility;
  • The opportunity to give feedback on the organisation;
  • Together with other partners, you make great projects possible;
  • A mention on the partner page of our revamped website;
  • The opportunity for an article in our newsletter.

Participation in the BBC: we ask for an annual contribution of at least €100 per month (€1,200 per year), for a period of at least three years (your contribution is tax deductible).

What do we do with your donation?

Your donation enables us to provide tailored social work to women and men. We reach the men and women by visiting them at their windows and building relationships. In addition, anyone is welcome to drop by our drop-in for a cup of coffee, lunch or just to tell their story. Bright Fame has its own training programme. Through these trainings, women/men can develop professionally and personally, expanding their CV and, if they are ready, finding another job with the help of a job coach.

Do you have ideas, would you like to contribute your expertise or support a specific project?Then send us an e-mail. We will then schedule an appointment to discuss the possibilities.

Are you interested in becoming a member of the BBC? Then fight against injustice with us! Shoulder to shoulder! Then sign up by sending an email.

You can reach us at

Support us and help women to get out of prostitution

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