Our history

The story of Bright Fame begins with the outreaching work of the former Blood-n-Fire Foundation in the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

In 2008 Frits Rouvoet came in contact with Robin. She managed to get out of prostitution with his help and a place was found for her in a women’s shelter. For a moment it seemed to go better with her. Robin was busy with a lawsuit against her loverboy, everything seemed to go well. Until the day she got bad news: her loverboy was not being prosecuted.

This message was a big shock to Robin. She became frustrated and did not get in touch with her emotions. In the shelter it is common that the women do not have any contact with the outside world. So she could not get in contact with anyone to get rid of her frustration. She was sent to her room by the management to cool down. Here Robin made an end to her life and comitted suïcide.

Robins dramatic story, her name is ‘bright of fame’ in English, encouraged us to set up the Bright Fame foundation. Robins death made it clear to us that specialized assistence is necessary during and after the process to stop working. This way, the established contact can continue to exist and appropriate assistance can be offered.

In 2016, the Blood-n-Fire Foundation and the Bright Fame Foundation became one organization that deals with both outreaching and counseling work for (former) prostitutes.

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