25 May 2020


While she told me this,Icould see the fear in eyes and face

By Frits Rouvoet on May 19, 2020 08:37 pm

It truly is an opposite world for us, for normally we would walk the streets, visit these women and invite them to come to our office when they have a question. Now, the women come to visit us for all sorts of things. We are incredibly busy with writing the resumes, applying for jobs, doing all kinds of trainings, sorting out administrations and having more and more deep conversations.


Regularly women drop by to pick up the food vouchers, too. They feel ashamed to ask, but sometimes there truly is no food in their homes. It remains so vital. Sponsor a woman with a voucher of €25,-. Go to our website and donate under the heading ‘Noodfonds’


 Recently, I spoke to a young Eastern European girl that told me that she went with a guy she was in love with when she was 18 years old. They would work in one the European capital cities together, built a life and start a family. Once in Western Europe, they stopped in front of a red enlightened building with pictures of scarcely dressed women. Her boyfriend’s tone was completely different when he commanded her to go inside and ask for the manager. His tone became aggressive when she refused. Eventually, she went inside and saw the scarcely dressed women walking around and sitting at the bar with men who could not get their hands of the women.

That night she had her first customers as a prostitute. She felt humiliated and dirty, but did not know how to get out. When she had finally found the courage to tell her pimp this, he took her to an apartment, somewhere on the sixth floor. He showed her a knife and told her he would use it if she did not do what he said and people would find her on the street. To fortify his words, he pushed her head on the balustrade and forced her to look down.

While she told me this, I could see the fear in her eyes and face.

She managed to run away and ended up in Amsterdam. Her family officially does not know what she does for a living, but she believes they do, but keep asking for money anyway. Due to guilt, she keeps sending this to them, disappointed in her former boyfriend, parents and sister who left her with a large financial burden.


This week, we have an appointment and I think we have two nice messages for her.
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