8 June 2020


By Frits Rouvoet on Jun 07, 2020 08:21 pm

On our way to a different job
This week I have had a few intensive conversations with women. So many women are working on their future: we are writing resumes, applying for jobs and giving several training sessions with forty women. The enthusiasm is great. Tomorrow, 15 women will start a summer school, six weeks for two days per week. On top of this, the training sessions are continuing. With this school, they will have more opportunities for (subsidized) jobs.

Special conversations
I have conversations with women on a daily basis, on average four per day. Now they have settleddown and the stress of the window is gone, they are finally coming to themselves. This week we hada nice conversation about forgiveness, how it sets you free to move on with your life. This young lady had been carrying anger, disappointment, hurt and pain for so long, a burden way too heavy for her.
Step by step she is starting to forgive and give it all to Jesus so that she can receive healing.
Dissociation I spoke with two women about the difficulties of living in two worlds. Each time they opened the door of their working space, they would leave their true self outside and go in as a prostitute. They could not handle it, but the woman who played the role of a prostitute could. This is exactly what I have been seeing for over fifteen years. They keep pushing away all the memories. Unfortunately, it regularly comes up again, triggered by some reason, and they are surprised of their own sudden anger or hurt. Recently, one of them was having a conversation with an acquaintance from her home country, who asked her why she was reacting so childish all of a sudden. During our conversation, she suddenly understood why she had reacted that way. She had recalled a certain memory, hence the reaction.
I am talking to 16 women in total on a weekly basis. Two young women have asked Jesus to come into their lives. It is so special to see how God works in these difficult times.

A change of the income supplement
Since June 1 st , the requirements to receive an income supplement have changed. Now, the welfare is like we have always known it to be. This will turn out very unfavourably for many women. This is because they either could not sign up, often pay high rents, sometimes do not even have a rental contract, or live with multiple people so the welfare decreases for all of them. From what we hear, this will drive women underground. This is why we are going to sit down with several organisations to talk about this with the designated person from the Municipality of Amsterdam.

What touched me last Friday was a young woman who told me she sits alone in her room every day with only her phone to play games on. She was so happy with a few books in her own language I received this week. Visiting Bright Fame for a training session, a conversation or just a cup of coffee is her only trip.
This means we have to continue to take care of those who do not want to receive clients at home or anywhere.

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