7 June 2024

Maria no longer feels alone and isolated

Every person we meet at Bright Fame is unique and special and we feel very privileged to be able to have contact with so many.

Some time ago our social worker Natascha and I visited Maria (not her real name) to get acquainted.

From the first moment there was a click with her and with her child. Maria’s life had not been easy and especially the years she had been forced to work in prostitution. But what a positive and cheerful person we were allowed to meet.

She talked incessantly but also that as soon as there was a possibility she would go into prostitution for herself. Also because this was the only work she knew.

We had an incredibly nice conversation and I gave Maria the book “Liberating Love” by Francine Rivers in her own language. Immediately she asked if the story would make her cry and I could only confirm that. That evening I received a message from her, “I am at page 17 and I am already crying!” Regularly she kept me updated on where she was in the book and what touched her in it. She now visits us regularly, took DISC training and is taking Dutch lessons.

At one point, a message came to Natascha that since she has been in contact with us she no longer feels alone and isolated. Again a little later, “Because of the contact with you and reading this book, I don’t want to go back into prostitution.” A conscious and clear choice.

Recently there was a prayer for her in our living room and one of the prayers indicated to her that God loved her so incredibly much just as she loved her child and that His love went many times further. When she listened back to the recording, she became very emotional and she has listened to the recording many times since.

Mary is now exploring with us how she can continue her once interrupted education and looks forward longingly to what the future holds for her and her child.

Together with your help and through prayer, Bright Fame can stand beside women like Maria.

Please continue to support us with a gift or become a friend of Bright Fame by a monthly support because there are still so many women like Mary living alone and isolated.

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