16 October 2020


Karin Bloemen: “If you don’t talk, you protect the perpetrator and if you do talk you protect yourself and the healing can begin.”

Last Monday evening, I was watching the program Jinek where Karin Bloemen was a guest.
Obviously, she talked about her book “Mijn ware verhaal” (My true story) that came out this last
year. Personally, I was very impressed by her story after reading the book and I have great respect for Karin for coming out with her story like this to protect others. A few remarks from the program have touched me greatly.

“The pain was imbedded deep inside and she needed a lifetime to deal with it.”

“If you don’t talk, you protect the perpetrator and if you do talk you protect yourself and the healing can begin.”

“You feel save somewhere in dark isolation or in a place where everyone can see you.”

“That is why the lockdown is so unsafe for girls and women that are being abused. Dad is home allday and you are unsafe behind the closed front door, living in a hell. You are on guard all day and living in great fear.”

Today, I read in the Telegraaf “Honderden meisjes slachtoffer seksuele uitbuiting” (Hundreds of girls victim of sexual exploitation).

In this past 15 years I have spoken to countless girls and women working in prostitution that were sexually abused during childhood or their teen years. Often their environment looked away and did nothing. Luckily, I also know stories where the environment did take action and prevented worse. Like someone told me a while ago that she had almost ended up in prostitution.

Karin Bloemen did not end up in prostitution, unlike many others like Jolanda den Heijer described in her book “Onzichtbaar” (Invisible). You and me can make a difference in the life of that one person.
By hopefully opening our mouth at the very beginning when we notice abuse with someone in our environment. Still, we want to make a difference by helping those get out of prostitution, listening to them and helping them heal.

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