8 May 2020


By Frits Rouvoet on May 05, 2020 06:45 pm

The moment I am writing this, one of the women is in our office putting together her resume and applying at this very moment. I commented that the red light will probably not open before the summer to which she had a very clear reply: going back to the red light? Never!

At this moment, we are working hard to write the resumes of a large number of women, giving them the DISC-training and helping them to apply for jobs.

(The DISC-training teaches you to recognize both your own and someone else’s behaviour- and communication patterns. You learn to optimally use your strengths, so that you are able to cooperate properly, identify what roles suit you and others, and come to better results.)

 The result of the DISC is not only important to them, but also for their resume. Many of the women express they do not want to return to prostitution. So now is the moment to support them in finding a job and a cheap living space.

This is the time to get them out of the prostitution. Firstly because the emergency income supplements will change at the end of May, and most women will not qualify for this anymore. Secondly, once the red light does open again, many will go back to work in prostitution to make a necessary living. These women will focus on this first and will have no time to focus on another job.

We, as Bright Fame, jumped in on that

From the moment that the women stepped into our office to ask for the income supplement, we have been talking about this. Last week we started with writing the resumes, giving DISC-trainings and applying for several women. The finances for the trainings had been largely funded by our funds, but now we also started with applications.

Helping women to stay away from the windows

Within our team, someone is working to collect vacancies and contacting companies. She has set up a database where companies can place their vacancies and women their resumes.

Due to circumstances, this team member has been out of work for two months before she can start her new job. Obviously, she needs an income for these two months, but we cannot miss her. We would love to see this period helping many women to find jobs instead of a temporary job.


When several churches or companies would contribute, for instance, €500,-, she would be able to do this for us and the women. Would you drop this question at your church for us? Obviously, your personal donation is very welcome, too #Shouldertoshoulder

Donations  can be transferred to:

 NL53 INGB 0004 1039 12 in the name of Stichting Bright Fame, indicating ‘Werkvoorziening’The windows and red light are empty now due to this situation.
Let’s keep them as empty as possible after this corona period.


Will you pray and carry with us?


Bright Fame is an ANBI acknowledge foundation.

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