13 October 2021

Alexandra leaves prostitution thanks to a touch of God: “The image of women in Amsterdam being humiliated is right”

Alexandra (26) grew up in a gypsy family in Romania. The emphasis of the family was mainly on buying much and expensive stuff. There wasn’t much attention for Alexandra. She also grew up with lack of good education. Finally she ended up as a prostitute in Amsterdam. At that moment it looked as if she would stay there some time – until her situation changed in December 2020. “I felt the power of God as Frits Rouvoet was praying for me. That changed my complete perception on the job as a sex worker.”

“My family thought I had to get married as soon as possible and get some children. They brought me in contact with a boy when I was only fourteen years old. We started to live together and traded in fashion. After making money for three years, I left him. Most of the money I handed over to my family to help them. With the money that was left I got my driver’s license.”


Alexandra started to go to church and she had a good time. “I prayed a lot and saw it worked.“ Everything was fine until someone asked her to join a party. Since she didn’t have an easy childhood, the partying drew her attention. “I stopped going to church and started to go to clubs. I wanted to have a good time for myself.”

In a club Alexandra met a security guard who is very kind to her. “My parents never took real good care of me, so this man was like a father to me and as a friend at the same time. We got a relationship and we started living together.”


Then the club closes and her boyfriend gets fired. They decide to go to Spain. Her boyfriend finds a job as a security guard. Alexandra stays at home without a job, but she notices a man who makes a lot of money every day. “I asked him: “How can you make that much money?” He answered: “I steal from shops.” The money attracted me and I went out to steal with him. Now I also came home with lots of money. My boyfriend quit his job and also began to steal. We had a lot of money and stayed in Spain for eight months.”


After that, they go back to Romania and are running out of money. A girl asks Alexandra to come with her to Amsterdam. “Ze told me we could make real good money over there.” In Amsterdam she gets to know life in the Red Light District. “My first thought was: this is really what hell is about. But I needed money and wanted to help my family.” For three years and a half Alexandra works every day and makes a lot of money, but it is a tough environment. When asked whether it is true that many tourists make humiliating jokes about the women in the Red Light District, Alexandra gives an affirmative answer.

“People make lots of jokes that make women feel bad about themselves. Then money and good stuff don’t matter anymore. You stay behind with the feeling that people treat you bad. At first I didn’t think about what was good or bad. I was focused on the money I needed. Inside I knew it wasn’t right, but I tucked it away.”

Like a father

That however changes when she meets Frits Rouvoet, who reaches prostitutes with his foundation Bright Fame. “A lot of girls see him as a father, he represents God. One night he came together with two women to pray for me. That was completely new to me. Never before someone prayed for me. Then I suddenly felt the presence of Jesus in my life.” After that Alexandra is less and less comfortable in her job. As the pandemic breaks out, there is less and less work for her. Again Frits prays for her. “I felt the power of God and noticed that God didn’t want me to do this job.”

Mother to many women

In January this year she decides to quit her job as a prostitute. Frits prays with her and breaks the power of the spirit of prostitution. Gordon van Veelen receives a prophetic word for her in that time: she will be a mother to many women and be successful. “That touched me deeply”, says Alexandra. Later she receives this word again from Arleen Westerhof in God’s Embassy.

When she picks up her last things from her appartement in the Red Light District, many people are amazed at how she has changed. “They told me I was more calm and radiated peace.” She also notices the change herself: “Previously the Red Light District was my home and I loved this place. Now I felt so uncomfortable, that I couldn’t imagine how I could ever have had a good time there. It’s the power of God that can change you like this”, she testifies.

The money Alexandra made in the Red Light District, she kept sending to an account in Romania. Finally she discovers that her boyfriend put it all on his own bank account and she breaks up with him. “By then I had nothing, except for God. But I am happy with God. I want to walk the way with Jesus, I want Him to be proud of me.”

Alexandra’s dream

If she would have stayed in prostitution, Alexandra would have been entitled to benefits during the pandemic; a supplementary allowance for living expenses. She renounces that to break out of her old life and be able to make a clean start. That means she has no income at this moment. She has little money to pay the rent for her house in Romania. Alexandra dreams of having her own business in Romania to generate her own income. She also wants to cooperate with Bright Fame in the future. She wants to help other girls to get out of prostitution, to develop themselves also.


Frits Rouvoet helps Alexandra to explore how to start a business in Romania. “At this moment she needs finances to rent a place to sell her stuff. The moment she makes money with that, she can pay off her depths an go on with her life”, he says. “The stuff she wants to sell is of high quality and she is a good businesswoman. She just needs a location. But to rent a place, she needs €10.000,- as a starting capital. That’s another thing.”

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